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FREE SHIPPING BOTH WAYS: Applies to USA orders over $75 | excluding HI, PR, AK
FREE SHIPPING BOTH WAYS: Applies to USA orders over $75 | excluding HI, PR, AK

Great buy!

Horze Grand Prix Women's Extend Self-Patch Breeches

I ride hunters and typically only wear two brands of high-end breeches, one starts with a "P" and one I'll call "TS." These have a very similar look and feel, fabric is not too tight and hides "flaws" while being flattering at the same time. Unique elastic-type wide waistband doesn't stretch out in your first ride of the day, these maintain their shape. Definitely have enough length for us taller gals, may be too long for some. Have received numerous compliments on them... my new go-to schooling breech!

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From $69.96

Lovely breeches

Horze Desiree Women's Knee Patch Breeches

A fantastic price for some very comfortable breeches, the colors are fantastic and the pockets are perfect! It's always a gamble buying breeches with decent pockets, and thankfully these were just what I needed! Very breathable and good looking breeches over all.

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Bought for my gelding

Horze Spirit Savanna Bridle

Bought this bridle a month or two ago for my gelding, and it fits great! I'm very pleased with the condition of the bridle and leather over all. The little bit in the middle of the browband is absolutely lovely as well, I've gotten plenty of compliments on it already. The price is such a steal, too for such a nice bridle!

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Very nice pad!

Horze All Purpose Saddle Pad

I really like the Lilac color of this pad. It's a very unique grey-purple shade. It is marginally darker than the Spirit Lilac boots I bought with it, but that's probably normal difference between two materials. It's not too bulky, but not too thin either. The texture seems a lot more durable than some of the other Horze pads, and I feel like it will be very stain resistant. It dried off pretty quickly for not being a thin pad. I don't particular care for the leather name tag that Horze put on it, I prefer some of their other branding techniques, but it's not a big deal.

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Love horze products, customer service and speed of delivery!! Never disappointed!

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Exceeded my expectations! I love that I got a free gift with purchase (it felt like a 'thank you' card). I figured that I would be waiting for awhile to receive my order, but I received it a lot sooner than expected. I appreciate the e-mails keeping me up-to-date. Thank you! -Jamie, Barrel Racer

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Always great service and great products

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