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Horze Easy Stretch Bell Boots

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Made with the finest natural rubber to provide maximum protection to bulb area of heel. Natural rubber adds flexibility, resiliency, and durability to any product. The easy stretch rubber allows you to quickly put on and take off. Double thickness at the bottom and vertical ribbing provides added protection to the hoof, longevity and helps deflect hoof strikes. Technical Description Remove any debris and hose off. Bell boots may be cleaned with mild detergent, if needed.


  • Easy stretch
  • Easy to pull on and off
  • Made of 100% natural rubber
  • Flexible comfort
  • Provides heavy duty protection against hoof impact and trauma
  • Natural rubber adds flexibility, resiliency, and durability
  • Ribbing adds longevity and helps deflect hoof strikes

Technical description:

Rolled collar around pastern prevents chafing.
Pull on style prevents boots from coming undone or coming off.
Durable rubber absorbs shock and prevents overreaching.

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I don't know, maybe it was just my mare, but I can't even use these boots on her because after a week of her wearing them 24/7, there is a ridge on her hoof from where they rubbed into it! I will be buying a pair of velcro bell boots to use just for riding.

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