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Horze Dandy Brush, Wooden Handle


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This stiff bristled brush is durable for daily brushing to get dirt and dust out of your horse’s coat. Great for ridding dried sweat and mud from the horse’s coat, or to brush out manes and tails. The high-quality bristles are packed in a varnished wooden block that provides an excellent grip. Synthetic, stiff, high-quality bristle.

Technical Description

Rinse thoroughly with soapy water to clean, air dry.

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Great brush that's just the right size!

This is a great brush! I'm used to spending over $8 and this brush is high quality for a quarter of the cost. It's the perfect size for my hand and I can brush with ease! Love it in red...I'm thinking about wood burning the back with my name/horse's name. I would definitely classify it as a hard brush.

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  • Pros: Has Nice details, Very durable, Fair price

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