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Horze Guide

Bye-Bye Bugs: Fly Protection and Prevention

Is your horse being bothered by bugs?
Now, there are many different ways you can protect your horse this summer.

Fly Masks With or Without Ears and Fly Masks With or Without Long Noses:

These types of fly masks are easy to keep clean and are a great to keep your horse protected from the bugs and even the UV rays. They also come in many different styles, colors, and patterns.

Fly Sheets With or Without the Fly Hood:

The fly sheet is a great way to protect your horse for when they are out in the field. Not only does the fly sheet protect your horse from bugs, but it also has UV protection and keeps your horse clean.

Fly Leg Boots:

The fly boots are a great way to protect your horse’s legs from flies and fly eggs from sitting on their fur when they are in the field. These boots are also a great way to prevent your horse from stomping constantly to get rid of the flies. They also come in fun colors and patterns.

Fly Veils With or Without the Ears:

This product is a great way to keep the flies away from your horse’s face when they are in turn out. They come in many different styles and colors.

Riding Hood/Bonnet:

The riding bonnet will keep your horse’s ears protected from the bugs while riding. Not only does it protect your horse’s ears, but they also come in many different styles, looks, and colors. You can also have a matching saddle pad and leg wraps to go with the riding bonnet.

Riding Nose Net:

The nose net will protect your horse’s nose from the bugs while you are riding. It can connect to your horse’s halter or bridle.

Fly Collar and Fly Leg Bands:

It will help keep the flies away from your horse. Depending on the brand you are purchasing from, the collar or leg bands, they can have a great fit for your horse. Make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to apply these two items.

Roll-On Fly Spray:

The roll-on fly spray can be used around sensitive areas such as around the eyes and nose. It is very easy to apply if your horse doesn’t stand still.

Mesh Riding Fly Sheet:

While you are riding, your horse can be protected from the flies in the summer. These types of riding rugs have a saddle cut and shape for a close contact with your horse.

Fly Spray:

This is the most common used product for horses. It is an easy way to keep flies away from your horse. There are many different types and brands of fly spray. Please read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to apply the fly spray.

Here are some helpful tips to minimize the amount of bugs in your stable or barn this summer:
  1. Make sure you clean your stalls and paddock at least once a day.

  2. The muck buckets or trash bins are to be cleaned once a day to prevent the bugs from laying eggs. Also if you do have a garbage bin, make sure to have the lids tight and that they are lined with a trash bags

  3. In the feed room, make sure the room is swept every day and to also have tight lids on the food bins.

  4. Also, make sure to look around your farm to make sure there aren’t any potential breeding grounds for flies. Flies love moist organic areas to lay their eggs and reproduce.