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Horze Guide

Caring for Your Horse During Winter

Colder temperatures, rain, ice, & snow can make horse ownership less enjoyable during these winter months. But with a few helpful hints you can prepare your barn for winter & keep your horse(s) well cared for.


Horses are grazing animals & need to eat throughout the day. When the temperatures drop it’s important to make sure your horse has some type of forage constantly. The Horze Slow Feeding Hay Net has small holes to prevent the horse from wasting hay or being able to eat it quickly. This will ensure that your horse has hay to eat longer & will keep them from being bored. Occasionally you might want to treat your horse to a bran mash, the Horze Rubber Feed Skip is a great container for this. Its flexible rubber allows it to be durable. You can also leave it in the stall without the worry of the container breaking or becoming damaged. A bran mash is great for hiding pills, a meal for a recovering sick horse, a treat after a long workout or adding extra fiber to your horse’s diet. Although horses do not generally sweat as much during the winter, they still need to have access to salt. Hang a Horze Salt Block Holder in their stall & make sure it is always available to them.


Make sure you have plenty of extra buckets during the cold. Over time plastic buckets can become brittle & are subject to cracking. The Horze Rubber Bucket is flexible & durable. Always have fresh & clean drinking water available for your horse; they need to still drink 12-20 gallons of water per day in the winter to avoid dehydration.


A clean & dry stall is a must for wintertime. Turnouts & paddock areas often become muddy & wet, horses become more prone to mud fever & thrush during this time of year. A clean & dry place to rest can help prevent these from happening. Horze has a wonderful selection of picks, forks, & pitchfork heads & broom heads to do the job.


Turnout is an important part of a horse’s routine but it is important to make sure your horse is prepared for the weather elements. Try the Horze Avalanche Rain Sheet to keep your horse dry. The B Vertigo TIM Winter Blanket will keep your horse warm on those bitter cold days. Make sure you have at least a couple of blankets to rotate for different weather conditions. Coolers, anti-sweats & riding blankets are good to have for winter shows or cooling out after a workout.

Store your blankets properly when you are not using them. It’s convenient to have one or two blanket racks to fold items neatly. Horze offers a variety of folding & hanging racks.

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