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Horze Slow Feed Hay Net


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Pace the quick eater with this slow feed hay net.

This sturdy hay net has small openings to slow the consumption rate. This hay net is great for any horse that is on a special health regimen. This is also great for horses that have a weight problem or inhale there food. Thirteen top rings and one bottom ring with durable polypropylene net. Easily hangs in stalls, meadows and in the trailer.


  • Extends feeding time
  • For horses with a weight problem or eat too fast
  • Small openings slow consumption rate
  • Polypropylene net

Technical description:

Polypropylene. Thirteen top rings One bottom ring. Holds 18 lbs.

Washing instructions:

Machine wash lukewarm or cold water.

Bar code:

6438076404042, 6438076404059

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frustrating hay net




Published on

The feeding holes are much smaller than a traditional hay net, but slightly larger than other small-hole nets I've bought elsewhere. The net itself is fairly long, but is not big in diameter, which makes loading hay into it extremely difficult and frustrating. I usually sit my nets down in a old (clean)muck bucket, fold the tops down around the lip of the bucket and then stuff with hay. All I have to do is peel the top back up, cinch the drawstring close and pull net out of bucket. This hay net from Horze is not wide enough around for me to wrap around bucket. I tried other ways of filling it, but everything proved difficult and very frustrating. Once you get it filled, it works great. But not worth trouble unless I have no alternative.

Pros: Fair price





Published on

This slow feed hay net is worthless. A flake of hay needs to be torn apart to fit into it since it is very long and NARROW. Horze will not exchange it for me.


It doesn't hold 8 kg!!!!!




Published on

First of all I want to say that the description is wrong....the description says that it holds approx. 8kg .... I have weighed 3,5kg.... It's quite different!!! I bought this hay net because it seems really big and practice....but it isn't!!! It has nice details, and durable material but it's very difficult put the hay in this net! The opening is too tightened and - in proportion - the net is too much deep.... It's really difficult push the hay up to the fund of the net!!!

Pros: Has Nice details, Very durable, Fair price

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