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Horze Seville riding mesh rug

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High quality mesh rug for use while riding. Saddle cut and shape for close contact with legs. Neck and front closure with velcro.

Technical description:

Materials: 100% polyester.

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Really does keep flies off

Flies cannot bite through this rug! Not tiny gnats, and not even the huge, aggressive horse flies in Oklahoma, which seem to be immune to fly spray. The fabric is not really mesh. It is a light, tough, fabric overlaid by mesh, which I think adds durability. It traps a small amount of the horse's body heat, so you need to take extra care to not overheat your horse. The size I bought fits the mare I got it for a little too snug through the shoulders. It fits the smaller horses I have much better. The neck piece is too loose on all of them, and I am going to try to do some kind of alteration. I will probably buy a larger one for my "big girl". All the horses got used to it in a short time. Leg and dressage whip aids don't seem to be affected by the rug. If you have the habit of grabbing your horses mane when you mount/dismount like I do, you will learn to give that up while he is wearing this rug. Also, tightening your girth from the saddle is not possible while the rug is on the horse. A small price to pay to be able to ride fly-free!

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  • Pros: Very durable, Fair price

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