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Hoof Picks

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Hoof picks in colors and with comfortable handles are available for every preference. Keep several on hand to keep your horse’s hooves clean and dirt free.

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Hoof picks are an essential grooming tool.

Daily grooming will keep your horse healthy and happy. It’s important to pick your horse’s hooves before and after riding or whenever he comes in from turnout. A stone bruise or infection can be kept at bay with proper daily hoof care. Remove packed mud and dirt easily with a hoof pick from Horze. Wet bedding and other debris can increase the risk of infection or thrush. Be sure to keep your horse’s feet clean and clear to avoid any issues.

Every grooming box needs a hoof pick or two.

Choose hoof picks from horse with a simple rubber-coated handle or a brush and pick combination. A soft grip will keep the pick firmly in your hand while you remove dirt, mud or gravel from your horse’s hooves. Maintain optimal hoof health with daily cleaning and ensure your horse’s soundness. Removing debris regularly will keep hooves healthy and ward off potential injury or infection from a twig or stone. Check for loose shoes and brush away grime with regular, daily hoof care.

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