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Horze Guide

How-to: Protect Against Flies This Summer

Flies become a nuisance come summer time, and trying to keep these pesky creatures away can often be a hassle. Here are some tips for keeping the flies away this summer and making the barn a more enjoyable environment!

Fly Veils

The quickest and easiest way to protect your horse against flies is with fly veils. They are easy to use, adjustable, and comfortable for the horse. With many styles and options, you can use them alone or use one that attaches to the halter. With many styles as well as color options, it will add to the personal flair of you and your horse!

Minimize Manure

Simple barn management practices can keep flies away. Since an average 1000 pound horse produces approximately 50 pounds of manure a day, it is hard to keep the fly population down. It is important to clean stalls daily and often so that flies don’t have the opportunity to create a breeding ground. In addition to cleaning stalls, it’s also crucial to manage pasture areas. On a weekly basis, it is imperative to pick out the areas where the horses congregate the most such as around the water trough, shade, and sheds. Manure should be kept as far away from the barn as possible or spread thinly and evenly throughout pastures as fertilizer. Many farms opt to have their manure hauled away. It boils down to personal preference and what is convenient for you!

Fly Masks

Fly masks provide immediate protection to horses the moment it’s put on. Not only do they keep the flies away, they protect the horse’s most vulnerable areas that are harder to protect against bugs. In addition to keeping the bugs away, they protect the horses’ eyes from harmful UV rays, sunburn, and dust. With so many options available with fly masks, they can be used for riding, turnout, or just around the stable. They come in various sizes, colors, and even with or without ear protection.

Fly Sheets and Hoods

Fly sheets and hoods provide the same protection as a fly mask but for the entire body. In addition to keeping bugs from biting the skin, they also help keep horse’s coats from getting bleached out by the sun and maintain a clean, shiny coat. Fly sheets come with many great options such as neck attachments, waterproof material, and adjustable straps to make a perfect fit for any horse.

Fly Spray Systems

A great approach to fly maintenance is with an automatic fly spray system. They routinely deliver a fine mist of insecticide throughout the barn in intervals during the day. Once the system is installed, it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week regardless of whether you are at the barn or not, giving you peace of mind and a happy environment for your horses.

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