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Horze Guide

Leather Riding Boots Shrink: Our Best Tips for You!

Chaps and riding boots made from elegant leather are very durable and will fit perfectly to the shape of the rider. Before that happens however, riders must break in their leather products. Depending on the strength of the material, it can take 3- 20 rides until the leather has adapted perfectly to your foot and your leg shape.

Leather Riding Boots

Finding the perfect fit for leather riding boots can be tricky especially since boots tend to shrink in height once they are broken in. It is ideal to find a boot that sits a little taller than it should when purchasing new tall boots. Tall boots should have a snug fit while wearing breeches and socks without pinching. To help break in your boots it is important to condition your boots. Using leather conditioner will help supple the leather and make breaking the boots in easier for you.


Leather chaps are usually easier to break in than tall boots. The reason for this is because chaps have incorporated elastics in the zip. In addition, the material is thinner than leather used in tall boots. It is important to purchase your half chaps a little taller than normal since they will also drop in the ankle.

Leather Care

After breaking in your boots it is important to clean and maintain them with leather cleaner. To keep the boot’s color and shine, you can also polish them frequently. Taking care of your boots will ensure that they stay in good condition for the optimum amount of use.

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