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Horze Stable Boots

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Lightweight and multi-layered with a neoprene exterior, Horze Full Size Stable Boots provide effective support and comfort for the legs. Ventilated neoprene conforms to your horse and allows heat and moisture to escape. Comfortable with maximum protection, these stable boots fasten with reinforced Velcro strips for a secure fit and help eliminate hyperextension of the fetlock, providing 360 degrees of protection. Detachable inner pads make cleaning a breeze. A high-quality stable boot that will outlast others.

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Neoprene. Machine wash. Air dry or tumble dry on low.

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Pros and cons to these boots

The full size fits my 16.3 warmblood well on his front legs. The boots are a bit thin for my preference. The padding is not very thick, and I tried to add another layer of thin padding inside, but then they will not velcro closed. They could be improved greatly with additional padding. The velcro is very sticky though and the edges are nicely stitched, so I think they will last. They are much cheaper than other options though, so it is a case of you get what you pay for.

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  • Pros: Fair price

life savers

Last winter while my horse was living in here legs were bcoming puffy with standing in the stable all night. Couldn't be bothered with the hassel of bandages and ordered these boots. Boots stopped her legs becoming puffy! Are easy to use fast to get on and off so ideal for horses that dont like to stand at peace to get bandages on. Extreamly easy to clean and lining is detatchable. Extreamly durable and a great price for such a fantastic product! Love this product would be lost without them now!

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  • Pros: Very durable, Fair price

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