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Horze Triangle Side Reins

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Teach proper head carriage and flexion with these helpful side reins.

Fixed side reins that are fully adjustable to be used for training and lunge work. The rein is attached to the side of the girth/lunging roller, threaded through the bit and again attached to the girth between the horse’s front legs, forming a triangular shape. The rein slides through the bit and encourages the horse to work in a correct and steady shape. The aim of the triangle rein is to develop the top line and flexion while lunging the horse. Strong leather and stainless silver chrome fittings make these reins an excellent choice.


  • Quality leather
  • Use for both training and lunge work
  • Fully adjustable
  • A non-intrusive training aid
  • Prevents inexperienced riders from pulling on the horse or hanging on the reins
  • Comfortable for the horse

Technical description:

Silver-colored chrome fittings.

Washing instructions:

Wipe with damp sponge to clean. Use leather cream for cleaning and care.

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Confusing reins

I bought these expecting they could be used for lungeing (in a way similar to side reins) or riding, as stated in the description. Well, there is absolutely no way to use these for riding that I can figure out, unless you actually attach them to the saddle like you would while lungeing... there's no way to actually make these work like draw REINS that you hold in your hands and can adjust if you need to. Well, any half-way safety conscious rider will realize that to actually RIDE with draw reins attached to your saddle, which you can't adjust or get off quickly if you need to, is INCREDIBLY unsafe and should never be done (same thing with sidereins). If you try to just attach the two side reins to make a loop to hold, then you have layers of leather under your hand as well as keepers and buckles, so that's not a workable option either. As a lungeing aid they're perfectly fine, if way on the long side. I had to punch about 6 holes to get the reins to where they were doing anything at all, but once I did they worked just fine. The quality of them is quite good. Overall, good as a lungeing tool, but these are NOT for riding and will not replace a regular set of draw reins.

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Nice Quality!

These draw reins are a great quality and they work very well! I am pleased with them and really happy to get such great draw reins for such a great price. They do run a bit on the large size, but they work well with my horse who is a large warmblood.

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  • Pros: Has Nice details, Fair price

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