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Look Great but THICK not "lightweight"

Written by about Horze Iris Women's Silicone FS Tights with Mesh

I have several different pairs of Horze riding tights with the silicone grip and wanted to try these (mostly because of the cool teal color). They are advertised as lightweight but another reviewer described them as being like a "wetsuit"...this is pretty accurate. I live in SW Florida and riding in them the first time last week (April) decided to keep them only for winter riding. Also they did bunch up and chafe behind the knee. I LOVE my Horze Superlight Bianca tights and wished they had a better color selection in those. Those are SO light and comfy I could sleep in them and the silicone knee patch is a big bonus!

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Life savers in hot weather SO COMFY

Written by about Horze Bianca Women's Superlight Silicone KP Tights

These are my absolute favorite things to wear SW Florida it is flat-out sweltering and these are the lightest weight riding tights I have found that have the silicone knee patches. They are super comfy, stretchy, and breathable. They are a total life saver and I am buying more...just wish there they were offered in more color variety like taupe, dark brown, dark purple, blue or red.

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Written by about Horze Women's Active Silicone Grip Full Seat Breeches

Like riding in pajamas. I have them in every color. They are quite durable too, some pairs on year 3.

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About Horze Leather Bitless Bridle

I bought this bridle in March 2019 and my horse loves a bitless bridle. Good quality/leather and looks very nice. However a little stiff so I gave it leather balm 2-3 times and now it's lovely soft. The web reins didn't work for me. They are too stiff also after 10 or more rides, so I put my old leather reins on. BUT the lenght of the web reins that follows the bridle is PERFECT! Neither too short nor too long and I know of experience that it is very hard to find reins that lenght. JUST 1 thing I do not like is the noseband - it is very narrow and put pressure on a very small area. I have bought pipe insulation from Home Deport and put around the noseband (only on top) and now the noseband is soft and nice and the pressure is evenly distributed. I would like to add a photo but it seeems I cannot upload one. Would like to have a bitless bridle witha wide noseband.