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Horze Guide

3-Step Guide to Buying Tall Boots

A good pair of tall boots can make your outfit appear polished and stylish. For some competitions, tall boots are a necessity. Here are some things you’ll want to consider when buying a pair of tall boots.

  1. Determine What Style of Boot You Need

    Before you start looking at tall boots for sale, you will need to decide on just what style of tall boot you need. Tall boots are available in two main styles: field boots and dress boots. Field boots include laces on the front of the foot, and are typically used for English disciplines such as hunters, jumpers, and flat classes. Dress boots, on the other hand, do not have laces and are commonly used by dressage riders.

  2. Decide What Features You Want

    Tall boots are available with a wide range of features. Some offer special comfort technology in the sole to make long days on your feet easier. Many boots now offer zippered back closures, which eliminate the need for boot pulls and can make putting the boots on and taking them off easier.

    You may also see a variety of design options offered by different brands and styles. Traditional tall boots are entirely black, but today colored accents are becoming popular. Before selecting a tall boot, be aware of the expectations and standards of your riding discipline. For instance, tall boots with colorful accents may be popular in the jumper world, but they are frowned upon in disciplines like dressage and hunters. You will want to be sure that whatever tall boot you select is appropriate for competition in your discipline.

  3. Determine Your Boot Size

    Once you have found a pair of tall boots that you like, you will need to determine the appropriate size. Tall boots require that you have a few different measurements. Your boot size should be about the same as your shoe size, or your size in paddock boots.

    Your calf size is an important measurement because of how tightly tall boots fit around your leg. To determine your calf size, use a cloth tape measure to measure around the widest part of your calf while you are sitting and wearing your breeches and socks. Compare this calf size to the sizing chart offered by the brand of boot that you are buying. Many manufacturers offer tall boots with a variety of calf sizes typically ranging from slim to extra-wide.

    The last measurement that you will need is the height of your leg. While sitting, measure from the bottom of your heel up to the back of your knee. This measurement indicates the height of the boot that you will need. As boots break in, they typically soften and drop a bit, so it’s recommended to add 1 inch to your leg height measurement. Compare this to the boot’s sizing chart to determine what size you need.

A quality pair of tall boots will last you for years and make you look polished on your horse.