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Our History

In 1982 a dream was born. In the small town of Lahti, Finland, three horseshoe makers shared a common value – a passion for perfection in their work. *Their dream was to share this passion with the whole of Finland. They wished to be known not just in their small town, but also across the whole of their country.

With admirable ambition they formed a company called Finn-Tack, laboring to establish themselves in the industry. Their perseverance lead to the extension of the company, which was soon providing not only horseshoes, but also trotting equipment of the best quality. They gained a strong reputation in the industry and it was not long until they were dominating the European trotting market. Finn-Tack grew and grew, thriving on the success that was a result of superior quality and intelligent pricing.

Passion was rewarded with results and in 2003 a new line with the brand name Horze was developed. Horze was to focus on providing high-quality clothes and equipment to the whole equestrian sport segment at affordable prices, an initially daunting prospect.

We don´t claim that it´s all been plain sailing; on the contrary, we´ve had our false starts and stumbles. But with tenacity we have been able to come through these, learning valuable lessons and gaining ‘experience as we grow.

* Today, Horze is not just fulfilling the vision of it had from the very beginning. Horze is taking that vision to every corner of the globe. And we now have a new vision: to one day become the global market leader, providing products for every horse lover the world over.