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Production Process

The key to our success is arguably our unbeatable centralized production process. Horze is one of the only companies in the equestrian market that can guarantee control of every phase of production, a factor that sets us apart from our competitors and benefits our customers.

We own our own factories in China and Ukraine, as well as purchase offices around the globe that have qualified personnel that quality check every product line that is produced. They ensure the smallest details of an item are perfect before it hits the production line. This unusual level of involvement ensures that we get exactly what we have designed every time.

Combining wholesaling and retailing together with production, means that since 1982 to the present day, we have been able to produce products of superior quality at intelligent prices.

It is this process that makes us so unique and means that when we say we´ve got value for money, it’s not just talk, but something we can back up and pledge.