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Back on Track Gloves

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Available now
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Back on Track Gloves


Ultimate technology keeps hands warm and cozy.

Arthritis in the hand? Maybe this is your answer! The gloves are one of our most unique products. They have helped many people with pain in their hands (such as rheumatoid arthritis), as well as sufferers of extremely poor circulation in their fingers. As the product depends on warmth to function, people suffering from circulatory problems, or "cold hands" syndrome, can improve its efficacy by either wearing another pair of normal gloves over the top of our product, or pre-warming their hands (by a heater or in warm water) before fitting our gloves.


  • Perfect if you suffer from arthritis pain or poor circulation
  • Designed to work with your natural body warmth
  • State-of-the art, ceramic-infused Welltex fabric
  • When using outside; wearing another pair of gloves over our gloves is recommended

Technical description:

Size = Width x Length XS = 6 x 63/4 in S = 7 x 71/4 in M = 7 x 73/4 in L = 8 x 81/4 in XL = 8x 91/2 in The ceramic powder reflects your own body warmth and creates a soothing far infrared thermal warmth.

Washing instructions:

Machine washable warm. Use normal detergents that do not contain bleach or fabric softeners. Air dry only, do not tumble dry.

Usage instructions:

We recommend wearing another pair of gloves over our gloves if you plan to wear them outside. We recommend that you wear other gloves over the top of ours if you wish to use them outdoors.

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Warme Hände

Ich leide an Arthrose an den Händen, was besonders bei kaltem Wetter sehr schmerzhaft ist. Mit Back on Track Handschuhen , über die ich die normalen Handschuhe ziehe, sind meine Hände sehr viel besser durchblutet und dadurch mollig warm. Sehr wichtig fuer mich, da ich eine Pferdepenson betreibe und fast den ganzen Tag draußen bin. ,

Great Gloves!

I have been using Back on Track products for my horses for years. So I decided to buy these glove liners because I suffer from arthritis and poor circulation in my hands. So at -25 degrees (yes that's negative) this morning the liners were put to the test. I fed horses and cleaned stalls for two hours in these frigid temps and my hands NEVER got cold. This is a first and by all accounts astonishing. My hands are always the first things to succumb to the cold, but not today. I am truly amazed and grateful. Thanks for such a remarkable product.