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Horze Leather Bitless Bridle

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Available now
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Horze Leather Bitless Bridle


Bitless bridle is perfect for horses who resist the bit.

Riding with a bitless bridle is a great tool to use for horses who have difficulty accepting the bit. With pressure on the poll, chin and nose, the Horze Leather Bitless Bridle controls the horse through pressure points, allowing you to steer easily. Web reins complete this lovely raised bridle made of quality leather.


  • Halter-style fit
  • Silver-colored buckles
  • Soft leather
  • Includes web reins

Technical description:

100% Leather.
1/2" width.

Washing instructions:

Open buckles and wipe clean with damp sponge. Do not saturate with water or chemical cleaners not intended for leather. Leather cleaner and protector may also be used.

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Affordable. Stylish. Effective.

I recently switched my gelding over to bitless riding, and wanted something a bit more stylish looking for him. The padded brow and noseband look MUCH better than everything else at this price point, and just as nice as much more expensive bitless options.

Great Bridle!

Bought this for my girl because she has a soft mouth and she’s much happier now with it. The bridle fits perfectly and the leather is very nice. It’s very boring to look at but a fancy brow and would make it look very nice!


I bought this bridle in March 2019 and my horse loves a bitless bridle. Good quality/leather and looks very nice. However a little stiff so I gave it leather balm 2-3 times and now it's lovely soft. The web reins didn't work for me. They are too stiff also after 10 or more rides, so I put my old leather reins on. BUT the lenght of the web reins that follows the bridle is PERFECT! Neither too short nor too long and I know of experience that it is very hard to find reins that lenght. JUST 1 thing I do not like is the noseband - it is very narrow and put pressure on a very small area. I have bought pipe insulation from Home Deport and put around the noseband (only on top) and now the noseband is soft and nice and the pressure is evenly distributed. I would like to add a photo but it seeems I cannot upload one. Would like to have a bitless bridle witha wide noseband.


Er det noen som har erfaring med denne? Vurdere å kjøpe.


Veldig fint og mildt hodelag :) hesten min brukte litt tid på å skjønne greia, men nå som hun har skjønt det funker det flott. Fint hodelag for hester som er lydige.