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Horze Horse Hair Dandy Brush

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Horze Horse Hair Dandy Brush


Deep clean your horse with this brisk brush.

Features densely packed, all-natural horse hair bristles embedded into a natural solid wood molded block, varnished to a smooth and beautiful gloss finish to ensure comfort and grip. Horsehair has a natural pointed tip, making it ideal for a deep-clean brushing for your horse's coat without causing discomfort, and also features incredible durability and break-resistance to guarantee you'll be using this brush for years to come. The convenient shape provides a comfortable fit, with soft, medium length bristles your horse will surely love! This Dandy Brush is an essential for the serious groomer. All-natural horse hair bristles embedded into a natural solid wood backing. Soft finishing 100% horsehair. Ideal for enhancing shine by distributing natural oils. Gently removes surface dust particles. Use ringside to evenly distribute finishing spray. Comfortable grip molded block design. Fits in hand comfortably


  • Soft medium bristles
  • Natural horsehair
  • Wooden back

Washing instructions:

Rinse thoroughly after grooming. Air dry.

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This dandy is of great quality for the money but, in my world, it's too soft for a dandy brush. I should've gone for one with a mix of horsehair and pig bristles [or similar]. Aside from having longer hairs, it's pretty much the same as a body-brush, with very similar softness.

Mister mye hår !

Denne børster mister masse hår. Da jeg fikk den kunne man dra av hårene og den var ikke veldig god.