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Horze Maddox Leather Handle Tail Brush

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Available now
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Horze Maddox Leather Handle Tail Brush


Wide paddle tail brush is easy to use.

Remove shavings, hay and debris from your horse's tail with this handy brush. The handle is wrapped in leather for added grip. The bristles are gentle enough to detangle without breaking the fine hairs of the tail.


  • "Original Equestrian" stamped on the grip with Z logo
  • Stylish tail brush makes detangling easy
  • Wide strap on back of handle helps you grip
  • Sturdy material

Technical description:

Plastic with PU leather upper and plastic bristles.
Length with handle: 10 in
Width: 4 in
Bristle length: 0.8 in.

Washing instructions:

Wash routinely in mild soapy water. Air dry completely before storage.

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Matrial fühlt sich sehr angenehm in der Hand an und kommt sehr einfach durch die Haare durch. Optik ist genau wie auf den Bild.

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