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TRM Good as Gold Paste

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TRM Good as Gold Paste
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TRM Good as Gold Paste


TRM Good as Gold Paste - A calming Paste.


  • Good as gold Paste is an effective, and convenient feed supplement, specially designed for nervous, hot or stressed horses
  • It contains high levels of Magnesium, which is in Chelated form for better absorption, B Vitamins which have important nutritional in the synthesis of neurotransmitters in the central nervous system and L-Tryptophan a precursor amino acid in the formation of serotonin

Technical description:

3x35g (3x1.23oz).

Usage instructions:

Add 35g (1.23oz) to the normal feed ration 4-5 hours before strenuous exercise or stressful event. Where necessary add and additional 35g (1.23oz) to the normal feed ration the evening before strenuous exercise or a stressful event.

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