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Back on Track Neck Cover with Velcro

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Back on Track Neck Cover with Velcro
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Back on Track Neck Cover with Velcro


Neck relief with an innovative design.

Great for neck injuries and Whiplash problems! We designed these neck covers, in co-operation with the Swedish Patient Rehabilitation Organization, for sufferers of whiplash injury. The neck cover which is fastened with hook & loop (in the front) and conforms to the upper part of the thoracic spine, which is often involved in neck injury and related pain. If the pain also involves your shoulders, the T-shirt or sweater are certainly the products of choice, as they fully envelop the site. In fact, the neck cover and either the T-shirt or sweater fit nicely together, and can actually complement each other. Measure the circumference of the neck.


  • Experience soft, relaxing warmth when you wear this brace
  • Adjustable hook and loop fastener secures the front
  • Fabric works with your natural body warmth
  • Conforms to the upper part of the thoracic spine
  • Helps keep muscles loose and supple
  • Relieves pain and tension in muscles, while decreasing inflammation
  • Prevents damage in muscles and joints
  • Heat will result in alterations in the body, which will diminish pain and chronic inflammation

Technical description:

Material: 50% polyester (including ceramic fibers), 50% cotton. Circumference Size Small 14 in (35 cm) Medium 15 in (38 cm) Large 17 in (43 cm XL 18 in (46 cm).

Washing instructions:

Machine washable warm. Use normal detergents that do not contain bleach or fabric softeners. Air dry only, do not tumble dry.

Usage instructions:

Though the vertebrae in the neck are often the perceived site of pain, it frequently emanates, partly or wholly, from the first couple of thoracic vertebrae. For best results, it is recommended to wear the neck cover in contact with your skin.

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Back on Track Halskragen

Diesen Halskragen sollte jeder zu Hause haben. Man merkt keine Hitze aber das es richtig schön warm ist. Wie beschreiben nur ein paar Stunden die ersten Tage tragen. Ich hatte danach immer richtig beschwerden wenn ich den Kragen abgemacht habe, obwohl ich vorher nichts spürte. Nach ca. 30 Min. war es dann aber vorbei. Da merkt man richtig das sich was tut ohne das man was tun muss. Jetzt im Winter ideal da man es unter dem Pulli kaum sieht.

warmer Nacken

Hatte für mein Pferd bereits eine Bandagierunterlage als "Sattelpad" zweckentfremdet und war sehr zufrieden. Man darf von diesem Kragen keine Wunder erwarten, es reflektiert nur die eigene Körperwärme, aber ich empfinde das als sehr angenehm. Gerade jetzt in der kalten Jahreszeit trage ich ihn gerne. Bei beginnenden Nackenschmerzen hilft es mir gut, da die Wärme die Muskeln etwas entspannt. Aber wie gesagt, Wunder darf man nicht erwarten. Preislich ist es schon etwas überteuert, aber ich bereue den kauf nicht.

A little large

Ordered the small and could use an extra small. Not really that big a deal. Works as advertised. Neck stays warn and supple. Does not restrict mobility

Best Neck Brace Ever!

After developing neck pain due to arthritis I tried the neck cover out of desperation for relief. I slept in it and woke up with no neck pain! It really works to relax tight muscles. I've recommended it to 2 other people with neck pain and both of them are purchasing a neck cover after trying mine