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Horze-Equestrian Saving Tip #1

Changing Spending Habits into Savings Habits

Are you sick of spending too much money on the things that matter most? We know how valuable riding and horses are to you and our goal is to offer everyone the opportunity to do what they love most.

Horze-Equestrian has products that offer more for less money. How is this possible? Horze-Equestrian sells you everything for the horse and rider, from traditional riding footwear, attire and protective gear, to tack and equipment. Since we are the actual manufacturer, and not a distributor or a company that has a brand produced by an outside facility, we are able to offer the lowest price possible. We are able to hold our products to the highest standards of quality, using only the best materials and then selling directly to your local tack store. Our retailers are buying direct from the factory, so they can sell to you for lower prices without sacrificing quality.

We can assure you that you will be thrilled with the quality and price.