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Finntack Fleece Cooler

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Finntack Fleece Cooler


Anti-piling fleece cooler, perfect for prize cooler use or even when drying the horse after training and washing. This rug can be easily personalized with company logo, name of the horse etc.

Technical description:

Length from Ear to Tail side: 81"; Length of side to other side (top to bottom): 41".

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Made of Win!

This cooler looks so classy, and does a great job of wicking away the moisture on my boy from his butt to the top of his neck. I got it monogrammed to add even more awesomeness. It is very well made and has a great fit. He wears a 75-76 blanket and it has perfect coverage. It would still work well for a longer horse as he has a long neck, haha.

Drying shirt

I buy this blanket for my mare for the races after the shower, she is of excellent quality, my mare is dry fast and the blanket stays dry moreover it is very hot and the hairs are not glued to the blanket. With the embroidery of the name of my mare the cover is very well finished. I recommend this super cover.

my purchase with you

Since what I bought from you was a gift to my grandson, I can't give a review. Sincerely