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Horze Leather Side Reins with Rubber Donuts

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Horze Leather Side Reins with Rubber Donuts
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Horze Leather Side Reins with Rubber Donuts


Great training tool for high head carriage.

This training aid lets the rider apply direct rein pressure to help the horse maintain light contact with the bit while moving freely in the bridle. Especially effective on horses with high head carriage, or tightness in the back muscles, the sliding effect of the Horze Leather Side Reins with Rubber Donuts at the bit ring produces a steady contact and a calmer, rounder, more relaxed horse. These side reins are sold in pairs.


  • High quality leather
  • Creates balance between the rider and bit
  • Sliding effect of the rein at bit ring produces steady contact
  • Effective on horses with high head carriage or tightness in the back muscles
  • Rubber donuts allow for easy handling and adjusting
  • Adjust different positions according to the horses level of training
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Snap on end buckles for ease

Technical description:

100% Leather with rubber donuts
Leather side reins with durable rubber ring. Snap on end buckles for easy management.

Washing instructions:

Open buckles and wipe clean with damp sponge. Do not saturate with water or chemical cleaners not intended for leather. Leather cleaner and protector may also be used.

Usage instructions:

Great for teaching your horse the right posture for when you are riding. Reins are used to give subtle commands or cues. Various commands may signal a turn, ask for a slower speed, request a halt or rein back.

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Convenient to work on the cord, "replace" the rider's hands. Good workmanship.


I ordered these side reins in full size, but they were just a little too short for my 17.2hh, long-necked Trakehner gelding. I would love if these were made available in an oversize option for those of us that have bigger horses, as they seem to be well made and have just the right amount of give in the rubber donut. Even with a longer set of side reins, I would probably add another set of clips to the girth ends of these for quick on and off without having to fumble with or lose the leather keepers.

Good product

Good clamping straps with good elasticity and appear to be of durable quality.

not good

The buckles that are fastened in the bite bend over after 10 minutes of use on a horse that goes straight down on the reins and pulls minimally and is now useless .. Not recommended! :(

Too short

I've only tried them once but they are way too short despite it being a full one. It is even a small short horse.