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Back on Track Therapeutic Dressage Saddle Pad

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Back on Track Therapeutic Dressage Saddle Pad
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Back on Track Therapeutic Dressage Saddle Pad


Increase circulation in your horse's back while you ride.

This Back on Track Saddle Pad with mineral infused fabric infused fabric will help any horse feel better. The back muscles will be looser and more relaxed. This pad will especially help horses with cold or sore back problems. You will most likely see improvements the first time you use it. This technology improves the comfort level of the horse's back. A comfortable horse is a happy horse. Many top riders through the world now ride with the Back on Track Saddle Pads and see remarkable differences in their horses' movements.


  • Beautiful
  • Functional
  • Ride to warm, loosen and relax your horse's back muscles

Technical description:

Made of polypropylene and our state-of-the-art Welltex fabric, which is infused with ceramic powder, the pad reflects your horse's natural body warmth and creates a soothing infrared thermal warmth.

Washing instructions:

Machine wash cool with mild detergent. Do not use fabric softener. Do not tumble dry because the product can be destroyed. Line dry only. Cool iron only.

Usage instructions:

All Back on Track products should be implemented gradually. To start with, use the product for a maximum of four hours a day for the first 2-3 days. In horses and dogs, it manifests itself as a swelling. This is due to the increased blood circulation, which is actually a good indication that the ceramic fabric is taking effect. The body then has the opportunity to familiarize itself with the fabric's effects. After the introductory period you should up the usage to a minimum of 8 hours per day, preferably more. Specific instructions for use on horses: Keep in mind that the effect of Back and Track increases with movement when the body heat increases, so in addition to using pads and blankets in the stables, the horse can also be allowed to move around with the Back on Track products. Especially suitable in this context are tall boots, leg wraps, saddle pads, exercise sheets and blanket/sheets. For long term problems, the horse may need to use Back on Track for an extended period. Use the product for two to three weeks and have a break one week to see if the symptoms persist. As a preventive measure, Back on Track can be used with regular breaks. Use Back on Track 1 day before and 2 days after exercise and then stop until the next workout. For warm-up, use 1-2 hours before and 2-4 hours after exercise.

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Back on Track Dressage Saddle Pad

This is the best pad I have ever used! The pad brings extra warmth to my horses back preventing sore and tight back muscles. The durability is fantastic and it holds it's shape even after many washings. I highly recommend this product over many other pads! Thanks Back On Track for your great product.

Back on Track -Dressurschabracke

prompt geliefert,guter Stil,praktische Details,sehr praktikabel in der Handhabung,vernünftiger Preis. Fazit:sehr empfehlenswert,gutes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis.


Solides Material. Gewünschter Effekt nach zwei Einheiten natürlich noch nicht nachweisbar.

Super Products!

The Back on Track Dressage Pad has made a real difference for my horse this winter. He has always had a tough time in the winter because of having a cold, tight back, which made him nippy and spookier (often bolting) in the winter. The pad has made a real difference in making him more comfortable and work over his back. Its not a panacea but certainly makes him a happier horse in general. He is a straighter horse, able to use both his left and right side more evenly. He's still a hot, big moving horse but is able to focus on the work, responds to spooky objects normally, no bolting and generally calm demeanor, which is the best we can expect. We now own all the Back on Track winter gear for him, including the quarter sheet, turnout and mesh sheet. The other interesting part of the dressage pad is that his back stays dry even after a hard workout. Love it! I was skeptical at first, but now am sold on your products. We also now own some of the products for humans, which our family loves. Thank you Back on Track! You do indeed have some super products.

Back On Track Dressage Saddle Pad

I originally bought this for my mare- she's a TB dressage superstar, but she she wasn't very impressed by it. Maybe a slight improvement in her work but she doesn't really have any problems with her back or saddle fit. Now when I tried it on my gelding- pure magic. He would always lean/crank on the bit to the point where I was swapping bits every ride so he couldn't get used to any one bit. He never wanted to work through his back, very resistant and fought me about his canter work. The very first time I tried this pad on him he was much rounder and softer, less inclined to lean on the bit. We still have a long way to go but I can tell he's so much more comfortable in this pad. Prior to buying the pad I bought myself a knee brace. I wanted to know what BOT feels like, does it work, etc. I've suffered from chronic knee pain for years and would wear a neoprene knee brace which would cause my knee to get hot and sweat. The first time I wore it I was almost disappointed- my knee barely warmed up and I thought it wasn't going to work but I kept wearing it. Soon I was almost 'craving' it- my knee would be achy and within minutes of putting the brace on I felt some relief. As time went on I found I needed it less and less- now I only wear it every once in a while for a little 'maintenance' therapy. I've ordered myself an ankle brace too for an old ankle injury that's flared up again and can't wait to try it out. I'm an absolute believer in these products now- I'm looking forward to adding more horse, people and dog items as my budget will allow.

Excellent product

My horse and I love this - although we won't be following the recommendation to use for 4 hours in the first few days then 8 hours or more!!