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Horze Supreme Silent Ear Net

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Available now
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Horze Supreme Silent Ear Net


Keep distractions to a minimum with this quieting ear net.

The sporty style and classic good looks of this ear net allow comfort and airflow without the distraction of crowd noise or traffic to interfere with your ride. The breathable ear pieces are made of neoprene It comes in neutral colors to blend nicely with your horse, and is trimmed with a scalloped edge giving it a polished, finished look. The front piece covers the forelock area without brushing your horse's eyes. You will both ride in peace with this stylish hood.


  • Strong, durable crochet ear net
  • Neoprene ear pieces to eliminate excess noise
  • Nice scalloped edges
  • Neutral colors

Technical description:

100% polyester. Ear length is 2.75".

Washing instructions:

Hand wash warm. Do not tumble dry. Hang to air dry.

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Den funka bra og hadde stil. Jeg brukte den på mitt første stevne og hesten min er litt stressa og nysgjerrig, han tok alt heilt med ro han kikka jo litt og sånn men jeg tror ørehetta hadde mye å di vi kom på 2 plass.❤

Best Ear Net!

I absolutely love this ear net! My horse is very spooky and this has really helped when riding him outdoors. Also it fits very nicely and is a great quality. You cannot beat the price!! I want more in other colors!

Silent ear net

Arrived as promised and was as described, quality item that does what it says

Love it

Using for about a year and has held up well. Used on multiple horses and never a fit problem. Stays put. Easy to put on. I like the simple knit. Softer. I too would love more colors. Thanks for a great product!

Horze Silent Ear Net

This silent ear net has made a tremendous difference when schooling my normally spooky horse..... so much better behaved. Does what it say on the tin

Well made, but wouldn't stay on!!!

I ordered two of these ear bonnets and thought they were well made and a great idea (silencing ear portions instead of using ear plugs). I put the bonnet on and because the ear material is so stiff, it was difficult to adjust the crown piece of the bridle in a way that let the portion of the bonnet that was on the poll stay in place. After about five minutes of riding, my horse shook his head (trying to get used to the noise cancelling) and he shook the entire bridle off. Luckily he's a nice horse and just stood still until I could jump off and fix things. This is a great idea, but practically speaking, poor execution. Beware the risk of being bridleless!

lyddempende ørehette

Virker ikke sarlig på min hest,men dette er sikkert forskjellig fra hest til hest.Han virket litt irretert på dette.Måtte ta det ned igjen,da han begynte å riste med hodet sitt hele tiden. Størrelsen var litt knapp for hesten min,så var vanskelig å holde på plassen ,det var kanskje et grunn til ,at han tålte ikke dette.

Not as blue as it looks!

I have a chestnut and “his color” is royal blue. Seeing this ear net in his color had me so excited to get him one! While I haven’t put it on him yet, and I do intend to keep and use it, I just thought I’d comment that: — This blue is much more of a navy, almost black, and *not* the deep royal blue pictured.—

Doesn't Fit

Have used this product twice and both times has come off with a shake of the head and my horse doesn't have overly big ears. Not enough material at the back to double over the bridle which is the reason it comes off.