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Ear Nets

Ear nets protect your horse's delicate ears from the distractions of crowd noise and allow him to concentrate on his work during competition. These riding hoods are stylish and durable.

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Horse ear bonnets eliminate distractions from noise and look spectacular in the show ring.

Add a trendy ear bonnet to your horse’s bridle to keep distractions such as debris and noise from bothering your him while he trains or competes. A thin cotton or mesh covering shields your horse’s ears from outside elements which can distract and upset the horse during serious schooling. These hoods can eliminate head shaking and other frustrating bad habits and make for a more pleasant ride. Ear bonnets are a great option for keeping horses happy and focused. Crochet hoods in colors to compliment your horse’s head and match your collection are designed with plenty of airflow to keep him comfortable during work. Piping and added details provide a nice finishing touch. Ear bonnets for horses can be monogrammed for a custom look and some even include added rhinestones and satin-trimmed rope.

Ear nets protect your horse's delicate ears and allow him to concentrate on his work.

Horse bonnets are a must-have item for competition to keep distractions from bothering your horse. Keep his focus with a competition hood and add elegance to his turn out. These horse hoods can also reduce crowd noise and keep distractions to a minimum in the show ring while adding an elegant look. Match your horse’s ear bonnet with the rest of his wardrobe and saddle pad to complete a polished appearance. Light cotton and mesh combined with knit crocheted fabric are easy to wash and will look like new with easy-to-care for materials. Choose from countless color options and add an embroidered monogram for even more style.