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Horze Adjustable Bucket Hanger

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Available now
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Horze Adjustable Bucket Hanger


Easy attachment around a pole or fencepost.

Easy to use and durable, these bucket ties are versatile for a multitude of tasks. Adjustable with a metal ring at one end and snap on the other make it easy to hang buckets around any post, trailer, stall or small tree! This strap is an absolute necessity for your show trunk. Hang a bucket in a show stall quick and easy. They easily adapt to nearly any stall. Add this to your saddle bag when trail riding because your horse get's thirsty too! Adjustable strap with snap & ring. Hang a bucket around any fence post, trailer or stall. Use for a multitude of tasks. Attach to planks, pipes, bars, etc. Durable nylon


  • Adjustable strap with snap & ring
  • Hang a bucket around any fence post, trailer or stall
  • Use for a multitude of tasks
  • Attach to planks, pipes, bars, etc.
  • Durable nylon
  • Great for trail rides, use around a tree limb, on fence rows, in barns, horse shows and more.
  • Stocking up on these straps is a wise choice
  • You will always need a few and they are great to have on hand.
  • Stash one in your trailer, travel bag, coat pocket and don't forget they are also great for use in the home

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Fungerer bra til å henge opp både bøtter og spann:) Jeg bruker den mest til å henge opp pussekasser og liknende. Av det jeg erfarer funker den bra! Jeg har ikke hatt tung vekt på den, så jeg er litt usikker når det gjelder kvaliteten der...