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Horze Slow Hay Feeder Net

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Available now
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Horze Slow Hay Feeder Net


Teach your horse to slow down while he eats his hay with this functional net.

The Horze slow feeder hay net allows your horse to feed naturally 24/7 through simple restricted free access feeding. This extremely strong net made of nylon mesh woven into 1-1/2 squares with high tensile strength will stand up to the most rambunctious horse. The smaller holes restrict access so your horse will slow down and enjoy his hay longer, leaving a lot less waste. Durable and convenient, this net is ready to hang on fences or box stalls. This is also ideal for travel, as you'll have to fill up less frequently, and your horse won't leave as much behind. Designed for any kind of hay, the broader the leaf, the slower it goes through the net.


  • Save hay, save money
  • For square bales only
  • Smaller holes restrict access
  • Horse slows down and enjoys hay longer
  • Great for horses with dietary problems
  • Made of nylon mesh woven into 1-1/2" in squares
  • Extremely high tensile strength
  • Hang on fences or box stalls
  • Ideal for travel
  • Leaves a lot less waste

Technical description:

100% nylon. 35.4 x 47 in (90 x 120 cm).

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Slow feeding net - elendig håndverk

Nettet er lurt designet og fungerer fint; med unntak av at alle sømmene som holder «kantbåndet» på plass var sydd med ekstremt ujevne og røk fort. Mer en 6mm lange sting, med sømmer som stoppet, ikke var festet, begynte igjen andre steder; kjørte utenfor kanten av båndet mange ganger og rett og slett gjør at nettet faller fra hverandre lang tid før materialene egentlig er slitt. Jeg har reparert mitt selv med å sy det på nytt; men er skuffet over så elendig kvalitet.


Das Netz hat genau 2 Tage gehalten , dann hatte mein doch etwas leicht verfressener Hafi zwei große Löcher reingerissen . Für Hafiś nicht geeignet das Nylon ist zu dünn.

These are the BEST slow feeder bags!

I ordered two of these about 2-3 months ago and they are awesome! They are HUGE! Easily can hold 2 flakes of fluffed out hay and probably 3-4 flakes of compacted hay. Very good buy for the money! Holding up very well with my 2 mares who are not quiet, gentle eaters. More like vacuum cleaners, hence the need for hay bags!

Great net

Wasn't too sure that my mare would ever settle with a net. The free hanging ones become punching bags and make her more agitated than running out of hay did. These fasten tight and stay put so I worried that she would be able to eat too fast. I am happy to report that it has slowed her way down and she's happy and content with it. I put about 4 flakes in it and she munches all night.

The best slow feeders out there!!

These bags are easy to fill, easy to hang, and they've lasted forever. I've had mine for three years now, and am only replacing it because my mare has managed to rip a hole in it that I can't patch. I'm buying two this time, to have a spare!! You can't beat this price!!


I have used these nets for years ( I have about 50 hoop feeders) They are pretty great for the price, the quality is not what it was when I first bought them, now the size seems to be shrinking. I still am buying them as the good outweighs the bad so far.

The Best Haynet Ever

I've used tons of haynets and this is by far my favorite. I've had mine about 4 ish months and my horse is not kind to his haynets (he is downright violent towards them) and there's nary a thread out of place. Super easy to fill and holds a TON of hay which is great when the horses are stuck in for bad weather. Would absolutely buy again (and again, and again!)