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Fly Sheets & Masks

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Fly sheets and masks provide protection from biting flies and allow your horse to graze in comfort without the frustration of annoying bugs and pests.

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These functional fly sheets and masks will keep your horse protected from biting flies and allow your horse to graze in comfort without the frustration of annoying bugs and pests. Some of our fly sheets practically cover your horse from head to tail and come with detachable hoods, belly covers and long sides and tail flaps.

Scrim Sheets: These light mesh sheets are a simple cover to drape over your saddle while you and your horse wait ringside for your next dressage test or jump round. The light fabric is cool and protects from dust and can be fastened over your tack until you are ready to ride.

Fly Masks: Add a fly mask for complete summertime coverage. A must have to keep bugs from bothering your horse’s face while he grazes, fly masks protect the eyes and ears and even offer sun protection too.

Fly sheets are ideal for warm weather when flying insects become a nuisance and distraction and interfere with your horse’s comfort.

Fly sheets are designed to protect your horse’s sensitive skin from biting flies. The protective mesh of a fly sheet allows air to circulate while protecting his coat and body from bites. The ideal fly sheet will keep your horse cool and discourage annoying insects from landing on him. The fewer distractions your horse has while grazing or waiting ringside, the happier he will be. Use a fly sheet indoors too for added protection from nasty stable flies. Horze even carries a fly sheet with a combination rain sheet for insect and rain protection in one convenient sheet.

Add a fly mask to your horse’s head during warm weather turnout and protect his eyes from pests.

Fly masks are a convenient, easy way to protect your horse from bugs without additional fly spray. Choose a mask to cover his eyes, ears or even his muzzle and protect him from the frustration of head shaking and the possibility of disease and painful bites. Fly masks can also shield your horse’s sensitive eyes from the glare of sun to make turnout more comfortable. Some fly masks include covers for the ears while others are designed to mainly protect the eyes. A fringe covered fly veil is a great choice when a full mask isn’t required and will add just a bit of fabric to help your horse swish flies away while he relaxes. Whichever style of fly mask you choose, pair it with a fly sheet or wear alone to suit your horse’s turnout needs.

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