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Horze Gel Front Riser Pad

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Available now
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Horze Gel Front Riser Pad


Lift your saddle at the withers with this unique gel pad.

Keep your horse comfortable while you ride with this gel front riser pad. It is an extremely lightweight gel pad anatomically shaped for your horse's comfort. Provides a great saddle fit to help prevent soreness and sensitive spots. An advanced gel holds the position of the pad securely and can be used directly on your horses back. The non-toxic gel allows the skin to breathe and elevates the saddle in the front. Easy clean.


  • Gently lifts the saddle at the pommel
  • Enhanced comfort and ergonomics
  • Non-Toxic, anti-slip gel
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Can be used in direct contact with horse's back

Technical description:

Drop to One Size: 9 in Spine: 9 in.
Thickness: 1".

Washing instructions:

Hand washable with mild soap and water.

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Abwicklung und Ware super

Leider haben die Decken nicht gepasst aber die Ware kam superschnell, über Nacht sozusagen. Auch die Rückabwicklung verlief problemlos! Immer wieder gerne.

Works perfectly to fill pockets behind the withers

This works amazingly well and I've seen nothing else like it. I am using it directly on my horse's back. it is fully tapered to fill the wither pockets, with the thickest part at the center and tapering down to a sliver at the edges. It fits absolutely perfectly into the wither pockets to create a smooth surface for the saddle and provide some lift at the front of the saddle. It stays put. If anything, during use it gravitates to the perfect spot to fill the wither pockets. It is super soft, jelly-like, and looks to provide great cushioning. So pleased with this, it works and fits perfectly. I will be recommending it to others that have horses with muscle atrophy in the shoulders and withers. Note: I made the mistake the first use of putting the waffled side down against the horse, that wasn't good. With the smooth side down it works perfectly directly on the horse.

Tommel opp!

Bruker denne under travselen for å bygge opp. Hesten min har helt sluttet å ha vondt i skuldrene/ved manken etter at jeg begynte med denne!

Exactly what was looking for

I have a TB mare with an under developed top line and hallow areas behind her whither. Half pads weren't enough to keep the saddle off her whither and all the other front risers i tried lifted it too high. This pad was the perfect solution! It raises the front of the saddle just enough by filling in the places that she's hallow and it never moves or slips. I would highly recommend this pad to to anyone who has a horse with a high whither or under developed top line!

Exactly what I was looking for!

I have a TB mare with a high whither, under developed top line, and hallow areas behind her whither. I have tried several half pads which just squish down and never seem to raise the saddle nearly enough to get it off her whiter. I have also tried different front risers which have all raised the front of the saddle up far too high causing it to become unbalanced the other way. This pad balances the saddle and raises it up the perfect amount! It also never slips or moves no matter what our rides entail! I would highly recommend this pad to anyone having similar issues with their horse and saddle fit. It's also a great price!

Excellent Product

Really pleased with this front riser. My horse has high withers and finding a saddle to fit was near on impossible. She also had back problems and was really acting up when being hacked out. She also refused to jump. To cut a long story short, I had her back treated, invested in a treeless saddle and purchased this gel front riser pad. Brilliant. This weekend my daughter was show jumping with her and the horse didn't miss a beat. Jumped everything she was asked to. So clearly the treeless saddle and this gel pad have solved the problem and she's back to her happy self. Would highly recommend this gel pad.


Optimales Gelpad um Druck auf die Schulter zu vermeiden oder ein Rutschen des Sattels nach vorne zu verhindern.

Super Produkt!

Ich kann dieses Gel-Pad nur weiterempfehlen, auch meine Sattlerin hat bestätigt, dass es eine gute Lösung ist. Sehr gutes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis.

Nevermore abrasion

I bought this gel three month ago and my horse will have nevermore abrasion!

Tommel opp her også!

Den er litt vel "klissete" og sær å ta på, men den holder seg der den skal og var akkurat det merra trengte, har tidligere brukt sau men denne gjorde nytten godt. Prisen er utrolig hyggelig!


Dette er min andre, noe som gir den litt trekk i antall stjerner. Den første har nemlig gått i oppløsning (delt seg i to) på tross av ikke spesielt hard bruk. Derimot er den praktisk, lett å holde ren og akkurat hva den "lover" sånn sett, så jeg har jo kjøpt en ny. Sånn sett fornøyd. Ikke den dyreste frontraiseren på markedet.


Great! Doesn't move at all. Great if your saddle is sitting a little low in front. Made a huge difference to my horses.


It was exactly what I needed - my horse has no muscles yet on the front area under the saddle, and the pad helped me to solve this temporary problem. However I'm not using it directly on the horse back, but between the saddle and the pad

Gel Pad vorne anhebend

Tolles PAD. Unsere Stute hatte immer einen offenen Widerrist, da die Schultermuskulatur jetzt im Alter fehlt. Seit wir das PAD haben, ist nichts mehr offen und sie bewegt sich vom Rücken her wieder viel freier. Außerdem ist sie wieder gehfreudiger. Nur zum empfehlen.

Sehr gut!

Das Pad hebt meinen Sattel vorne sehr schön an. Er passt meinem Pferd nicht mehr ganz genau, Sattler ist schon bestellt ;). Es ist beim reiten nicht/kaum sichtbar, ich persönlich bevorzuge, wenn man es nicht unbedingt sieht. Einmal ist es mir runtergefallen und somit sehr dreckig geworden, da es sehr klebrig ist, zum Reinigen kann ich noch nichts sagen. Ich kann dieses Produkt ansonsten nur empfehlen!

Works a treat!

This riser has really helped adjust the saddle on my high withered horse until I can find another more suitable saddle