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Half Chaps

Half chaps turn jodhpur boots into tall boots and allow comfort and style over your favorite breeches. Leather half chaps are elegant and functional and add a professional look.

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Half chaps are a favorite of any rider for ease, comfort and beauty.

Half chaps turn ordinary paddock or jodhpur boots into a tall boot with just a quick zip. For daily wear, riders love half chaps to wear for lessons or country rides. Horze offers half chaps in suede or leather and color options such as rich black or deep brown to match any boot. Enjoy the flexibility and freedom of zipping on these durable, high quality half chaps and save your tall boots for the show ring. The elastic ribbing on many Horze styles allows movement with gentle support as you ride. A sturdy elastic loop under the foot keeps the half chap in place and the long shaft will cover laces or zippers on the boot to provide a sleek, custom look.

Leather half chaps are a gorgeous option when a traditional tall boot look is desired without the cost or feel.

Add our soft leather half chaps to your favorite paddock or jodhpur boots and transform your comfortable short boots into the long, lean look of a show boot. Leather half chaps are created with impeccable workmanship and will fool the eye as you ride around the ring. Only upon closer inspection will anyone else know that you are not wearing a true tall boot. Perfect for clinics, lessons or even lower level showing, leather half chaps are economical and a creative way to display a more formal look. The back zipper, snap button closures and elastic foot straps of Horze leather half chaps are made of premium quality materials and will withstand daily repetitive use.