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Back on Track Fleece Headband w/Mesh Top

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Back on Track Fleece Headband w/Mesh Top
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Back on Track Fleece Headband w/Mesh Top


In cases involving swelling, such as a localized build-up of edema, it is recommended to use the ankle brace. This ankle brace incorporates an adjustable elastic band above the ankle. The band is removable if necessary. The adjustable band is especially practical when you have an injury that has caused a localized build-up of edema, which will generally disperse upon application of our ankle brace. The adjustable strap allows you to tighten the garment as the swollen ankle reduces in size. Please note: The ankle brace has an oval-shaped opening for the heel. If your injury is located around this site, it is recommended to use our socks so that the ceramic fabric covers the problem area.

Technical description:

Breathable. Materials: 100% polyester with ceramic fibres.

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So Handy!

I have to say that this fleece headband with the mesh top is exactly what I needed! I have had so many issues with wearing headbands when riding and just falling down to where it is pointless. This product is so helpful I had to buy another just in case I wear this one out since I ride multiple horse's a day for 6 days a week. Plus I want to be able to wash one while I wear the other. I have recommended this product to many people at my barn!