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Horze Elevator Bit - Double Bottom Rings
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Horze Elevator Bit - Double Bottom Rings 13020-95
Height: 49,00 Centimeters
Width: 15,00 Centimeters
Depth: 59,00 Centimeters
Weight: 0,45 Gram
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  • Single-jointed mouthpiece
  • 3 ring elevator gag style cheek pieces
  • Stainless steel
  • Allows variable levels of leverage
  • Strong control for excitable horses

A strong bit offering enhanced control, the Horze Elevator Bit features adjustable leverage.

Also known as a Dutch or 3 ring gag, this bit allows variable leverage depending on where the curb rein is attached. The cheekpieces are attached to the top ring, the snaffle rein at the mouth piece and the curb reins can be attached at either the second or third ring. The lower ring provides more leverage. The single jointed mouthpiece collapses onto the tongue and bars for additional control. This bit encourages the horse to maintain a lighter front end and is useful for strong and excitable horses. Bit guards can be added for protection against pinching or rubs.


Riding or Racing:Riding
Cheek Piece Type:Elevator
Mouthpiece Type:Single Joint
Mouthpiece Material:Stainless Steel
Discipline:Eventing, Jumper
Mouthpiece Diameter:US .70 in (EU 18 mm)
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