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Back on Track Socks

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Back on Track Socks
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Back on Track Socks


Complete comfort for your feet.

Great for people with Diabetes! Our socks have generated remarkable feedback from users. People have a lot of trouble with their feet, which to a large extent, is caused by inflammation, pain, or poor circulation. Our socks are comfortable to wear throughout the day or even while asleep. As the fabric reflects more heat when you are moving around, it is wise to get accustomed to the product during your active daylight hours. Once you are comfortable with the effect or sensation generated by the ceramic fabric, you can choose to wear them throughout the night as well.


  • Constructed of Welltex fabric
  • Infused with ceramic powder

Technical description:

Sold in pairs. Constructed of our unique Welltex fabric that's infused with ceramic powder, our socks reflect your natural body warmth and create a soothing far infrared thermal warmth.

Washing instructions:

Machine washable warm. Use normal detergents that do not contain bleach or fabric softeners. Air dry only, do not tumble dry.

Usage instructions:

If you have sprained, or otherwise damaged your ankle, it is recommended to use our ankle brace in preference to the socks, as the ankle brace also provides some degree of support. If your heel is part of your problem, the sock is the preferred product because it covers the entire foot. Initially, we recommend that you wear our socks during the day to get used to the warmth that they reflect. Since you move around more during the day, the socks will reflect that much more of your body warmth. Once you're comfortable with them, you may find that you'd like to sleep with them at night as well.

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Veldig fornøyd

Etter et komplisert ankelbrudd kjøpe jeg sokkene for å teste ut virkningen. Min erfaring er at de både varmer og lindrer, og jeg sover med de nå om natten. Jeg gleder meg til å ta de på, og spesielt på dager hvor ankelen er hoven og smertefull. Anbefales til alle med ankelplager og kalde føtter. Kommer absolutt til å kjøpe flere av produktene.


Schade,daß die wirklich teuren black on track Socken eine so schlechte Passform haben!nach 10 Min.sitzen die Fersen in Höhe der Wade.Das hätte ich nicht erwartet bei einem so teuren Produkt.Von einer weiteren Sockenbestellung für unseren Verein werde ich deshalb absehen.

A bit disappointed

I am the first to acknowledge that I have joint problems -- ankles, knees, wrists, back. It plagues me. So when I saw that BOT was offering some products that claimed to help alleviate some of the pain, and promote warmth and increased circulation to the afflicted joints, I jumped at the chance to gain from their research. I bought the socks and put them on, one day, two days, three days, waiting to feel some kind of difference from the socks I normally wear. I wore them as instructed, but found no difference whatsoever. None. I had bought their gloves a while back, and found no change with the gloves, either, though I thought perhaps I wasn't wearing them as long as I should. I have bought products for my horse, and use them, but now question somewhat, their efficacy. The BOT products are not inexpensive, so every investment I've made has been well considered, and made in light of the BOT claims, the pictures which claim to show temperature changes after wearing the BOT products, and the testimonials. Truly I was disappointed that neither the socks nor the gloves made a whit of difference. I hope it's different with the products I've purchased for my horse, but I think the socks may have been the last purchase I'll make. I'd love to be convinced I'm wrong, as the effort this company puts into its products seems so well-intentioned.

Geniale sokker

Kjekke sokker, de er kjempegode å ha på seg. Jeg som er en frysepinne syns sokkene var helt supre

Socks a surprising treat!

I found that these socks worked well for me. I have arthritis in my feet and have had two surgeries to correct damage in my left foot so I am always looking for some relief from pain, stiffness and inflammation. I picked up these socks to try after seeing some dramatic results in my horse from using the BOT products on him. I was a little disappointed at first that they were not taller or shorter - I was concerned because of their mid calf height that they would fall down - but to my pleasant surprize they stay up nicely all day and after repeated uses! They were also not uncomfortably hot even though I tried them on a super hot show day. I wasn't expecting a miracle, but I did notice less swelling, stiffness and soreness after a day on my feet! I am a strong believer.

Great Socks!

I got these for just trying for my feet/ankles. My one ankle has always been an on and off pain especially in the saddle. My pain is gone thanks to this product. I'm comfortable again in the saddle too!

theraputic socks

Absolutely give these socks a 5 star! I have been in pain in the right foot for some time. Probably require surgery for the 3rd time! Still, the socks actually provided comfort in the first two hours! I will be ordering a few more pair to have on between wash cycles!