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Horze Adjustable Neck Stretcher

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Available now
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Horze Adjustable Neck Stretcher


School your horse gently with this versatile neck stretcher.

Help your horse's training with the Horze Adjustable Neck Stretchere made of elastic. The chambon includes a hook attachment. Adjustable for all sizes, this is a very versatile piece of equipment. It works gently to encourage the horse to hold his head down and stay collected and rounded without the rider losing the sensitivity of the reins.


  • Train your horse gently
  • Made of elastic
  • The chambon includes a hook attachment
  • Adjustable for all sizes
  • Very versatile piece
  • Works gently to encourage the horse to hold his head down
  • Keep horse collected and rounded
  • Rider sustains sensitivity of the reins

Technical description:

Elastic. 10 ft. 2 in.

Washing instructions:

Wipe clean with damp sponge.

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Nice elastic chambon, works super well ... However, I thought it breaks quickly .. :-) but nice price :-)

Too tight for the inexperienced

Good and durable. It is only a pity that the big horse has a tight hammock, even if the horse comes down the neck and the tails are loose. Should be bigger in size for big horses. At first, my horse feels nervous because the elastic hitch has to pull the rail in place. :( As Hepa relaxes and starts leaning just behind the bullet line, the elastic band is just loosening.

Great quality at a great price!

I ordered this neck stretcher for my OTTB after another boarder at my barn told me how much her OTTB had benefited from Dover Saddlery's neck stretcher. Horze's neck stretcher is just as good of quality as Dovers and is half the price. Very happy with this purchase!

tight and of poor quality

it only becomes loose when the horse runs in a brawl and the hooks break very easily.

Great buy!

I bought this for my eventing mare as I have trouble getting her to really stretch down and it's wonderful! I love that it's elastic so that it makes what you're trying to accomplish more of the horses idea whereas another tool that has no give is more likely to make them resent what you're doing. I also decided to use is on my cutting horse who has always held her nose out rather than vertical and she does fabulous in it. All and all, this is a great product that is not just for an English horse and I HIGHLY recommend it:)