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TRM Calphormin, 22lbs (10kg)

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TRM Calphormin, 22lbs (10kg)
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TRM Calphormin, 22lbs (10kg)


Calphormin is a highly palatable dietary supplement containing the
Necessary macro and micro elements to help ensure maximal skeletal
Development in the young horse whilst at the same time ensuring that the
Mare has sufficient mineral intake to supply the skeletal development needs
Of the late stage foetus as well as those of the foal at foot.


  • Nutritional imbalances have been recognised as one potential factor in the development of DOD in young, growing horses
  • Calphormin: Helps balance the diet with nutrients known to be critical to proper skeletal development. In developing horses, the major nutrient s of concern are protein, energy, calcium, phosphorous, copper, zinc and lysine
  • Calphormin provides a supplemental source of all of these nutrients in a carefully balanced and palatable formulation which provides for the likely elevated requirements of these essential nutrients for optimum skeletal development and production of sound and rebust athletic horses

Technical description:

10kg (22lbs).

Usage instructions:

Mare in foal (months 9,10,11) 120g (4.23oz)per day, Lactating Mare 120g (4.23oz) per day, Weanling (6-12 months) 60g (2.12oz) per day Two Year Olds 60g (2.12oz)per day.

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