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Back on Track Bell Boots

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Back on Track Bell Boots


Our unique Welltex mineral infused fabric infused material reflects your horse's own body warmth resulting in increased blood flow to horse's hooves.For stall use only.Neoprene with faux leather exterior.

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Bell Boots

I bought the bell boots to help with a serious coronet band injury. Still unsure of how it happened. It's been two weeks and I cannot believe how much better it looks. The vet told me it would be months before I could ride him again. Needless to say, the wound is so much better and I will be able to ride him again soon. I know it's because of these boots. I wish I could post the pictures. The change is amazing. Thank you for such an amazing product!

Best Bell Boots!

I bought these bell boots for my 18 year old barrel horse who has had previous injuries to his hooves. After only an hour and a half with these on, he was moving so much better off his front hooves. I would definitely recommend to anybody who has a horse with a previous foot injury.