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Back on Track Performance Bell Boot

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Available now
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Back on Track Performance Bell Boot


Suitable for use during training and competition as well as for us in a walking machine or in a garden. Anatomical design for perfect fit with an extension to the waist that prevents the boots from spinning. Reinforced outer part tha protect against ballstrips.


  • Specially shaped to fit the horse's pastern, which prevents the boots from spinning
  • With Welltex™ lining, they are ideal when having problems with the hoof or the coronet band
  • The reflected far infrared ray caused by the ceramic particles in Back on Track's Welltex™ fabric, supports circulation which can aid mobility and help avoid injury Sold in pairs

Technical description:

The Long Johns are also available in a 100% polypropylene fabric. The polypropylene fabric's unique advantage is that it is both extra durable and very effective at wicking away sweat and humidity. It also is much less likely to get burled than polyester as the polypropylene fabric has much longer fibres. However, polypropylene is less elastic than polyester, so one needs to chose size more carefully. The fabric is smooth and soft.

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Keine gewohnte Back On Track Qualität

Mein Jungspund hat Probleme seine Hinterhand zu aktivieren. Damit er sich erstmal nicht in die Vorhand tritt gab es Hufglocken bis wir die Baustelle wegtrainiert haben. Ich habe mich sehr auf die Hufglocken von Back On Track gefreut. Leider umsonst. Die Hufglocken lösen sich am Rand bereits auf trotz wenig Belastung. Auf Rückfrage beim Hersteller wurde ich ignoriert. Die Hufglocken sind das erste Produkt von Back on Track wo ich wirklich Daum runter zum Herstellerservice und zu der Verarbeitung sage.