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Horze Rover Field Tall Boots

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Horze Rover Field Tall Boots
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Horze Rover Field Tall Boots


Pick these practical tall field boots at an attractive price with the look of real leather.

Field boots in synthetic leather like these have plenty of stretch and will break in quickly without the stiff feel of other non-leather boots. These boots are budget-priced but have the feel of real leather and the nice logo details and soft rubber sole give them plenty of special detail. The lace up foot, back zip and inner suede-like leg area are reinforced with elastic for even more flexibility.


  • Tall leather-like field boots
  • Logo at the outside top of shaft
  • Added suede-like inner leg for comfort
  • Back zip for easy on/off
  • Elastic laces at foot
  • Available in regular or wide

Technical description:

Material: Synthetic Leather.

Washing instructions:

Wipe with a clean damp sponge after each use to remove sweat and dirt. Dry with a soft, clean towel. Polish with boot care products as necessary.

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Good value

Love these boots, they are very smart and extremely soft, they come up a little too high on me (5ft 4) but because there so supple I can get away with it. Don't rush into getting wide , I have slightly larger calfs and ordered the wide but because there lovely and supple feel the regular would have been alright.


The boots are so comfortable and supporting around the ankle, the fit as described, they are very tight and long to start with but loosen off easily after one ride due to their material. As comfortable as short boots and chaps but a lot more stylish, cannot fault them or the service I have received

Love These Boots - About to Buy More Just In Case

I loved these boots from the minute I took them out of the box. They look great. Then I tried them on. I have thin calves, but they fit quite nicely (I ordered the regular width). I think I may go up a 1/2 size in the foot for my next pair, but only because I want to use thicker socks in the winter. The don't require more than a few minutes of breaking in. I love the feel of the material all over the boot. I hope these don't get discontinued. It is reallllly hard to find a non-leather boot. It is almost impossible to get one of this quality.


These boots are amazing!! So affordable but such nice quality!! Super supple and beautiful. These boots are so comfy and I could not recommend these enough! The only thing I don't like about them is that they are a little bit too short. Would be great if they came in a Tall...but overall love these boots so much!

Great value for money

Absolutely amazing quality for value, lasted 2+ years easily without any major wear and tear - even though I wore them all year round through winter fields and all over the yard. The inside leg faded rather quickly but no issue for me and the sole has only just split, but have most definitely ordered my second pair! I am all too careless for my boots so this is perfect for doing everything in when i forget to take them off after riding. The fit was perfect considering I have such long legs but skinny calves, it didn’t take long at all for them to become comfortable and easy to ride in.

No Breaking In!

I competed in a 1.40 m jumper class at HITS the first day I wore these boots. No break in necessary, they are suede on the inside of the leg, and made of soft leather. They were extremely comfortable, didn't rub my feet and the suede made for a nice grip!

Horze Rover Field Riding Boots

When I received these riding boots I was over the moon with happiness with them. They were the perfect fit and looked amazing on. I wore them 4/5 times and the metal tag on the side popped off from no fault of my own . I was so disappointed . I emailed horze to see if I could buy the metal tag separately and just put it back on myself. However they don't sell the tags separately. I was then asked to send photos to show the boot with the missing tag, to prove it came of and wasn't ripped out from the boot so that I could get a refund.(The holes from the tag have not been ripped and is clear the tag popped off and was not ripped out). I have now been told that I have to send the boots back to be able to collect the refund, however that means that I am now left with no riding boots for stable work for the next week. Severely dissapointed with horze customer service and the quality of these boots as the other reviews claim they lasted two years, yet mine started to fall apart after a handful of wears.


jeg hadde allerede Jodhpurs fra Horze som jeg var superfornøyd med, så valgte å prøve meg på ridestøvler i samme merke. Og opplevelsen var lik. Dette er sko/støvler som er behagelige på ankelen og nydelige å ri med. Foten holder seg bevegelig, så du kan både gå og ri med de uten at det klemmer eller blir ubehagelig noe sted. pluss at de er pene. Anbefales =)

Spirit Horze tall womens riding boot

I had tried on several tall boots for pleasure/cross country/jumping/walking on foot. None were extremely comfortable right off the bat until I found these at Equine Affaire in Ohio. I love the look and feel of the boot. The sole is extremely comfortable, which is what I had been looking for originally. My husband does medieval jousting and as his squire, I am the ground crew and on my feet all day. The boot was so soft and pliable, it felt like butter in my hand. Very expensive looking, easy on my wallet, super comfortable. Love these boots!

Just What I was Looking For!

Finally! A synthetic boot that looks like real leather, but is super easy to care for! These look and feel great! The thinner material allows for a more custom fit and to not feel so hot! These could definitely be worn for show or schooling! No complaints here! Will definitely purchase again if/when these wear out! Only thing I’d have to say is to make sure you measure your calf with your breeches and socks on, as these are a custom-like snug fit!

Nice boots

These are lovely boots, very durable and are very stretchy. So my calf size is 37” and I bought the boots in calf regular despite the regular calf size being 35”. This was because I saw what the other people had said about going a size down. My boots fit perfectly so that was a good choice. Although, I have quite small ankles compared it my calf size and the bit where your ankles are is quite big! I had some bad blisters after them rubbing into my ankles but I thought that was to be expected, after all they are boots and they were always gonna take some breaking in to. But overall some great boots! Very comfy after you’ve broken them in!

Guter Kompromiss für Chaps Träger

Meine Tochter liebt die Stiefel. Sie ist normalerweise immer mit Chaps geritten und wollte den Umstieg auf Stiefel mal testen. Die Stiefel sind sehr weich und überhaupt nicht starr. Das mag für viele Stiefelreiter ein k.o. Kriterium sein, aber in unserem Fall paßt es perfekt. Die Stiefel sind nun ein knappes Jahr in Gebrauch und wirklich noch top in Schuss. Sehr pflegeleicht, einfach abwaschen und fertig. Das Wildleder Imitat an den Innenseiten ist mit der Zeit an den Kontaktstellen etwas speckig geworden, aber das passiert auch bei wesentlich teureren Echtleder Stiefeln. Also grade für Kinder, die noch wachsen, sind die Stiefel eine tolle und, ich finde, günstige Alternative. Und das sie aus Kunstleder sind sieht man ihnen überhaupt nicht an. Klare Kaufempfehlung

Amazing Boots

Bought these boots for showing but I simply can’t resist wearing them while riding at home too! They’re super comfortable on the calf and the suede bit grips really well.


Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Optik der Stiefel und freue mich, diese Alternative zu Lederstiefeln gefunden zu haben! Sie liegen schön am Bein, Größe ist wie angegeben. Bis jetzt waren sie erst zweimal in Benutzung, ich hoffe sie halten lange, dann ist der Preis auf jeden Fall in Ordnung!


Schicker Stiefel, aber leider eine eher minderwertige Qualität, Obermaterial wellt sich, sieht als ob zu viel Material zu eng vernäht wurde, aber ich denke für den Preis okay. Ich habe sie wieder zurück geschickt.

Leder zu weich, knickt mitten am Bein ein.

Das Leder ist sehr weich, und knickt mitten am Bein ein. Evtl. ist es ok, wenn das Bein den Stiefel komplett ausfuellt, bei mir war noch Spiel und da sah es nicht gut aus.

Sehr zufrieden

Ich liebe diese Stiefel, tolle Option zu Lederstiefeln- habe sie seit über einem halben Jahr und der Zustand ist super- leider sind sie etwas teuer, aber mir waren sie das Geld wert!

Great boots!

I love these boots. I purchased them initially because I wanted a pair of tall boots but I wasn't sure if I was going to use them for showing so I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on a pair of more expensive boots. However, I still wanted a quality pair of boots so I decided on these. I've been riding in mine almost daily for around a year and they've held up fantastically. The suede on the inside is somewhat grippy and helps hold your leg in place. My only complaints are that they really aren't that comfortable, I have a pair of paddock boots that are far more comfortable for my feet but I didn't expect anything too fancy since these boots are cheaper. This is a problem that could be easily fixed by just using inserts so I don't think it's a huge deal. Once they broke in after about my second ride they started to rub my heels and on the back of my leg some but that was easily fixed with a thicker sock. It's also important to note that if you walk in water or mud that is about an inch deep your feet will get wet as it is suede on the inside of these boots. Overall, I'm very pleased with these boots and I recommend them to all my friends who are looking to purchase a pair of tall boots but aren't looking to spend a lot on them.

amazing quality for price

Lasted 2years plus with lots of wear and tear! I wore them through winter fields and all over the yard before the ankle started to drop so much it became uncomfortable. The fit was perfect as I have such a funny leg shape (long but skinny), usually really hard to find boots that fit snug but these were perfect and didn’t require much to break them in as such. The grip on the inside leg faded pretty quickly but this didn’t bother me, great value for money and have just ordered my second pair!


Habe die Stiefel nun gut einen Monat in Benutzung. Ziehe sie wirklich nur zum Reiten an, da das Kunstmaterial Falten schlägt, mit denen ich nicht laufen kann. Das Wildlederimitat ist bereits sehr stark abgenutzt, was ich für den Preis von fast 95€ sehr schlecht finde. Allgemein ist das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis ungenügend, der Höhe Preis rechtfertigt weder die Verarbeitung, noch die Haltbarkeit. Die Stiefel lassen sich gut reinigen, Schmitz ist schnell abgewaschen und sie sehen Lederstiefeln wirklich ähnlich. Mir passen sie nicht zu 100%, sind aber leider keine Alternative zu Echtleder.

Fantastic boots for the money !!

Thank you ! Finally a pair of boots that are so soft and subtle !! I’ve had surgery on my ankle so struggle to fit into most tall riding boots as lots don’t have any give at the ankle, although they are fitted boots they are so subtle and cause to no discomfort to my ankle ! They are comfortable and subtle and very smart don’t at all look cheap which is what I was concerned about with the price tag! Absolute bargain pair of boots thank you !!


I've had theses boots for almost three years now and they are still in basically mint condition! I ride dressage for about 3 hrs every week in these boots ant never once have they ever given me any trouble!! absloutly love these!!

Blei ødelagt etter en stund

Brukte di veldig forsiktig og pusset og passet på dei.. Likevel dettter læret av og glidelåsen blir heilt ødelagt. Har måtte ridd med joggesko eller lånt av nokken i en periode pga blei ødelagt veldig fort... Ville ikkje anbefalt selvom du kanskje vill spare en penge

Awesome Fitting Tall Riding Boots

These boots are a great value. Bought them in Canada at an equestrian supply retailer, Picovs Horseman Centre. As soon as tried them on, I loved them. These boots are unisex so men can wear them too. I usually wear my boots with skinny jeans either Levis or Urban Planet brand. They are easy to put on and take off with the full length back zip. Great boots at an amazing price. When I need another pair I will buy Horze Rover Field Boots for sure.

Dårlig kvalitet

Kjøpte disse og var veldig fornøyd med de. De var myke og gode å ri i, men etter kun noen få ganger bruk ble det hull på innsiden av leggen. Jeg er utrolig skuffet over kvaliteten.

Ikke fornøyd

Gode ridestøvler, men dårlig kvalitet. Glidelåsen på begge støvlene ble ødelagt etter to uker, og læret sprekker fort.

Suuupper Stiefel

Bin sehr begeistert von diesen Stiefeln. Sitzen super bequem, sind leicht zu reinigen und bekommen keine Gebrauchsspuren, wie Echt Lederstiefel. Super toller Sommerstiefel