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Horze Lester Snaffle Bridle

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Horze Lester Snaffle Bridle


The U-shaped crystal-covered brow band provides elegant sparkle on this finely-crafted flash bridle.

The careful craftsmanship of this sophisticated Horze Lester Snaffle Bridle is evident in the lovely attention to detail, including the ergonomically-shaped crown. These fine details will accentuate your horse's head. The U-shaped brow band is adorned in stunning crystals and a delicate piping adds subtle decoration to the noseband with detachable flash. The anti-slip reins intertwined with rubber provide a secure grip for the serious rider.


  • Premium quality leather
  • Crystal-adorned U-shaped brow band
  • Ergonomically-styled crownpiece
  • Detachable flash noseband
  • Black bridle includes clear-colored crystals
  • Brown bridle includes topaz-colored crystals
  • Includes rubberized intercontinental web reins

Technical description:

100% oil-pull up leather. Width of noseband = 2 in.

Washing instructions:

Open buckles and wipe clean with damp sponge. Do not saturate with water or chemical cleaners not intended for leather. Leather cleaner and conditioner may also be used to maintain condition and the life of the leather. Damp wipe rubberized reins.

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Bridle Horze Crescendo Lester

Wonderful bridle! Quality leather, smooth seams, soft wide capsule; at first glance, strong good hardware. Let's see how it will be further in operation.

Favorite bridle!

This is my favorite bridle that I own. It's classy and beautiful, and it comes at a great price! When it first arrived, the leather was a little stiff but super supple for the price. I was very impressed! The browband is a little thin compared to the noseband, however it is not that bad. Still a beautiful browband nonetheless. The bridle fits PERFECT except the noseband is a little too big around, kind of wish it was a crank or a bit flatter so that it would just a little better but other than that.. favorite bridle ever and my horse is so comfortable in it and his big old head :)

Crescendo Lester Bridle

Overall, I love the bridle. It looks great and it's easy to adjust. The poll of the bridle has the cheek pieces, throat latch and noseband all sewn into one which makes it really easy to keep the bridle level. The browband is slightly thinner than I had expected so at an angle it looks a bit funny. And the noseband could have the option to be larger. I bought cob size for my girl as she is a Cob X but she's only 13.3hh so I don't think a 14.3hh Cob would fit into this bridle.

Excellent Quality & Details

I've had this bridle in use for about two weeks now and have been most impressed by how quickly it softened to fit my horse's face after just two cleanings. I was a bit worried about the fullsize cavesson as the first night I tried it on my horse it was a bit stiff, but again just a bit of conditioner and it has molded itself beautifully. I personally think the brown color is a tad darker than the image shown here, more of a chocolate, but that is actually what I was hoping for so I am pleased!


The leather on this bridle felt supple right out of the box. The thick padding on the noseband did make it stick out funny but a little oil helped it lay flat. It looks gorgeous on my gray pony and fit perfectly in my budget. I did notice that the browband doesn't really curve down as much as the picture, it basically goes straight across like a normal browband. I still absolutely love it!