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Horze 3 Prong Cleaner Organizer

Product ID: 50030

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Available now
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Horze 3 Prong Cleaner Organizer


Hang up your tack and harness for cleaning.

This easy to use durable chrome plated 3-prong hook is a fantastic way to clean tack. Simply hang and spray or coat with oils without having to hold to dry. This holder is also great for organizing and storing your tack. A few of these can handle all your tack keeping your tack room organized and clean. Versatile and strong, these can be used for a variety of time saving, organizing tasks.


  • Durable chrome
  • 3-prong hook
  • Versatile and strong

Technical description:

Length: 9.1 in.

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I've purchased these types of hooks in the past but somehow managed to lose them over the years. I ordered a few in black. When they came in, I was disappointed that the hooks are not angled as much as other brands and aren't as long. The consequence is that it's much easier for things to slip off of this hook if it becomes unbalanced or swings. I haven't decided whether to return them. The price is certainly nice. Note - they come with a single screw. I have no idea what it's for.