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Back on Track Fleece Blanket

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Available now
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Back on Track Fleece Blanket


Aid with warm up or cool down of tired muscles.

This therapeutic blanket is made with a beautiful fleece material infused with state-of-the-art fine mineral infused fabric . Designed to reflect the horse's own body-warmth, it creates a soothing far infrared thermal warmth, which can help alleviate pain associated with inflamed muscles and joints. Used for both injury prevention as well as injury recovery. This will help your horse to dry quicker. Includes 2 chest buckles, crossing belly surcingles and a tail flap. Material: Fleece infused with Back on Track's revolutionary new mineral infused fabric infused fiber.Great to use in the Summer or as a liner in the Winter!


  • Reflects your horse's natural body warmth and creates a soothing far infrared thermal warmth.
  • Fleece material keeps out chills and dries your horse
  • Worn alone or used as a liner
  • Ideal for injury recovery or prevention
  • Infused with Welltex fabric which contains ceramic powder

Technical description:

66 in (105 cm) 69 (115 cm) 72 in (125 cm) 75 in (135 cm) 78 in (145 cm) 81 in (155 cm) 84 in (165 cm) 87 in (175 cm) 90 in (185 cm) Includes two chest buckles, crossing belly surcingles, and a tail flap.

Washing instructions:

Machine washable warm. Use normal detergents that do not contain bleach or fabric softeners. Air dry only, do not tumble dry.

Usage instructions:

For best results, it is recommended to wear the neck cover in contact with your skin. If the pain also involves your shoulders, the T-shirt or sweater are certainly the products of choice, as they fully envelop the site. In fact, the neck cover and either the T-shirt or sweater fit nicely together, and can actually complement each other. Measure the circumference of the neck.

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Back on Treck Fleesdecke- besser geht es nicht

Da wir ein Pferd mit Rückenproblemen haben , haben wir uns diese Decke zu gelegt. Ich kann nur sagen-Besser geht es nicht. Ob vom Aussehen oder von der Qualität . Seid dem er sie regelmäßig aufgelegt bekommt, ist er wesentlich entspannter. Die Rückenmusulatur lockert sich.Das zeigt sich im Umgang und sehr unterm Sattel. Ich kann nur sagen bestnote 1 Diese Decke ist jeden Cent wert

Super tolle Abschwitzdecke

Die Passform ist optimal! Meine Ponystute hat bei Bucas Decken 125 und hier auch. Auch der Halsausschnitt ist endlich mal nicht zu weit! Super vor dem Training als Vorbereitung für das Training und auch danach! Bin echt begeistert obwohl ich am Anfang skeptisch war!


hilfreich bei Rückenproblemen, nach der Arbeit und bei kälteren Tagen im Stall sehr angenehm !

great product

I love the back on track saddle pads and now I decided to try the fleece sheet. Glad I did, well made and very useful for fall/winter use. MY horse wears a 72" and they are usually a little big on her but this fits to a T so they may run a little on the small side which you'll want to take into consideration when ordering. Fleece is soft and cleans up nicely with a brush. I have used it overnight and it does seem to help with her minor back issues. Will be able to use under a blanket in the winter.

I love this blanket

Literally. This is the best therapeutic blanket I've ever used. I almost never haul my horse without it, it helps keep his muscles loose and relaxed in the trailer. We get to shows and he is feeling good and ready to work. I also put it on him after hard workouts and it really helps with preventing soreness the next day! It's also perfect as a thermal to put under his blanket in the winter, and keep him nice and toasty.


Love back on track products. They are great as a warm up blanket, helps the muscles and relaxation.Their products are very well made and wash nicely (do not put in dryer unless you need a pony size!)


Die Decke weist eine sehr gute Verarbeitung auf, ich habe sie im Winter vor dem Reiten schon aufgelegt und auch nach dem Solarium. Sie hält die Wärme im Pferd. Sobald die Decke auf dem Rücken liegt, entspannt sich mein Pferd.

Fantastic blanket.

I have used Back On Track no-bows on my horse, as well as the saddle pad, and decided to invest in a blanket after seeing how much the other products had helped. I use my Back On Track fleece rug before every ride and really feel that this blanket helps my horse start each ride looser and happier. I usually put it on a couple hours before I ride & can definitely feel a difference when I forget to! My horse fits a smal 72" blanket, and the 72"/135cm (even though on the packaging when received it stated 75/135) fit her perfectly so if your horse is on the larger side of a size I would suggest sizing up! Although this blanket is quite expensive, I feel it is worth it. (Besides, there are so many awesome sales on that I'm pretty sure it could be purchased on sale.:)


Superdecke! Meine fast 24-jährige Stute läuft seit dem ich die Decke benutze, wie eine 10-jährige; habe auch die Stallgamaschen; Teuer, aber wirklich gut; Geld lohnt sich;

Miss Melanie Sprake

Really pleased with the Fleece Rug. It is invaluable as it is useful both pre and post exercise and is a very smart rug too. The fit is just right which is pleasing as different makes tend to vary in size. Received in excellent order and swiftly. Overall rating - excellent and can't fault.

Too small

Nice fabric. Works well as cover while shipping. Very small. Detachable surcingles detach on their own when blanket is off the horse; have misplaced them because of this.

Back on Track Abschwitzdecke

Super Decke, prima Qualität, tolle Paßform, schneller Versand, gerne wieder


Die Decke ist super Verarbeitet und der Preis erschließt sich in den Details mit gebürsteter Metalloptik. Die Größe 145cm passt sowohl meinem 1.52m Araber von der länge her perfekt, obowohl der Halsauschnitt dann eher locker sitzt. Dem 1.45m Quater passt die Decke super. Die Seiten sind hier großzügig lang das nicht weiter auffällt durch die Kreuzbegurtung. Diese dürfte insgesammt länger sein. Beim Quater mit seiner "dicken Haut" reflektiert die Wärme nicht so stark wie beim dünnhäutigen Araber.

Lovely rug

Really lovely rug super pleased with it. Went one size up as other reviewers had said they come up small. It fits perfect.

Therapeutic Fleece Blanket

This cooler is amazing! I have been using it for years on my horses to warm them up for their workouts and also to help with any muscle soreness or aches I have found after a tough workout. This fleece blanket also helped me rehab my event horse back from shoulder surgery. So glad to see the fleece is available again! Can't wait to get a second one so I have more freedom to treat 4 horses! My horses simply move better after having a session in this blanket. Highly recommended!