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Back on Track Exercise Boots, Front

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Back on Track Exercise Boots, Front
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Back on Track Exercise Boots, Front


To save time, these boots are an excellent choice.

Inflammation causes or contributes to knee pain. When you have arthritis of the knee the pain emanates from an inflammation in the surrounding capsule, as the damaged cartilage itself does not have any nerve supply. The only way to regenerate the cartilage is by exercise, which is much more tolerable and achievable once inflammation and pain has been diminished. The protection has a very good fit for that easy to form good contact with the tendon and bone. Gravel is more difficult to penetrate and the exercise boots have high quality which are some of the reasons that makes the product so incredibly popular. The exercise boots close with hook-and-loop fasteners and are used to reduce the risk of ligament damage.


  • Highly durable neoprene outer
  • Excellent fit and superior protection
  • Easily form close contact with the tendons and bones in the lower leg

Technical description:

Outer highly durable neoprene Inner lined with 50% cotton and 50% polyester infused with Back on Track's revolutionary ceramic infused fiber Large: Down the Front of the Boot 9.5 in. Down the Back 11.5 in Circumference: 10.5 in Medium: Down the Front 9 in Down the Back 11in Circumference 10 in Small: Down the Front 8 in Down the Back 10.5 in Circumference 9.5 in Sold in pairs.

Washing instructions:

Rinse to wash. Air dry. Close hook and loop fastener prior to washing.

Usage instructions:

Care should be taken when fitting this type of knee brace. It is best to pull the brace below the cross- stitching of the elasticated ring, not on the cross-stitching itself.

Measure the circumference of the thigh at 5-6 inches or 15 cm above the center of the patella.

This brace has a removeable strap and spring stays on each side of the knee for added support.

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Back on Track Arbeitsgamaschen

optimale Haltbarkeit von mehr als 2 Jahren inc. der Klettver- schlüsse, schic, gute Paßform.

Back on Track forben treningsbeleg

Små størrelser. Størrelse Full foran kan omregnes som Cob. Til bakben må man ytterligere opp en størrelse til XL- noe som nettbutikken ikke fører.

Fin passform men noe små i størelsen

Disse sitter som støpt på beina, men str full tilsvarer cob mens på bakbeins belegga må man ned en str, hvis hesten bruker full på bakbeina til vanlig så bør man kjøpe cob i disse. Eller så er jeg super fornøyd, anbefaler disse på det sterkeste!

Love These!

These are amazing! I'm done with PC. As these boots don't heat the legs, amazingly after you take them off, the leg is cool. Love Love Love

Back on Track Exercise Boots

Second pair that I buy. I use several BOT products on my horse and always with good results. However, they are easily worn at the bottom and velcro upper band gets unsticked easily after pulling several times (so, I have to cut the outer band). I'm satisfied with the product performance, but I would love that it would last longer.

Love These!

These are fantastic. I used polo wraps on my Thoroughbred because he got inflammation in his legs after working. With the polos he was working 20m trot circles for 15 minutes. After I bought the boots for his front and hind legs we were schooling at 2'6" easily. They literally work magic and I could not be happier with how my gelding is working after a year in these boots. I don't use any other brand for me, my horse, or even my dogs.