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Finntack Trotting Race Whip, 45 (115 + 17cm)

Product ID: 42306

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Finntack Trotting Race Whip, 45 (115 + 17cm)
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Finntack Trotting Race Whip, 45 (115 + 17cm)


High quality Finntack racing whip, lacquered to prevent water or dirt penetration. Excellent stiffness/flexibility for any type of use.

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Excellent whip.

The only difference I can see between this whip and the classic whip is the price and a slight change in the grip. Both are gems. Personally, this whip is a tad nicer and a bit better look to it. The grip is just nicer with a cleaner appearance. It has great action, a replaceable popper and works well. It's not thin and light. It's a substantial piece of well made tack.